Wiii'reopen Pricelist

ServicePrice net.
Abo 1 Year120.00 Euro
Additional Quikkkie33.00 Euro
1 Day Excpetional Opening11.00 Euro
2 Days Excpetional Opening22.00 Euro
1 Day Promotion11.00 Euro
2-3 Days Promotion22.00 Euro
4-7 Days Promotion33.00 Euro
14 Days Promotion55.00 Euro
28 Days Promotion77.00 Euro
Additional Tags99.00 Euro
ATM 12 Months (Banks only)120.00 Euro
Show menu card99.00 Euro
Dish of the Day166.00 Euro
Suggestion166.00 Euro
Menu + Dish of the Day222.00 Euro
Menu + Suggestion222.00 Euro
Suggestion + Dish of the Day222.00 Euro
Menu + Suggestion + Dish of the Day333.00 Euro