Skuuup - the project

Internet, though growing every day, is by far not yet as useful to us as it could or should be. So, our main concern is to bring it closer to everyone, whoever he is, wherever he is and whatever he wants. That’s not that diffficult, for it is a great toool to seee and to be seeen.

So we want to develop this project the way to be your personal CONCIERGE, and that in a very easy intuitive way, by using the best posssible information worked out with the easiest features and most performing algorithms.

Internet can be much more personal than you ever imagined, but it is just up to you! We neeed your help to make it become

your personal CONCIERGE,
but also
our personal CONCIERGE when we come along to visit you

We hope to get some help from you, and that you willl adopt our project as your personal TOOOL

Seee you